AUTUMN is in the air. Can you feel it?


It's time to go back to the beach! (Or maybe your neighbor has opened up the pool.)

So soft and yummy. Lying on the sand never felt so plush! 

We've tested our King Size plush beach towels and have really put them through their paces. The fabric is a cotton/polyester blend and feels absolutely delicious! We have washed ours many times and the colors still look vibrant!

These towels are so beautiful you may even want to dress your summer table up with them! They make great tablecloths...we know that sounds odd but try it!

They make great summer gifts.

How about getting each family member's initials? What fun!

Wrap yourself in art!

Ultra silky soft, absorbent cotton.

Edge to edge Nancy Thomas image reverses to 100% cotton terry loops. Sheared microfiber polyester front.

Washer, dryer safe.