~ Marching Along with Special Things Just for you ~


It's back! March Mix-It 2023 starts on March 16th!

The sports world has basketball's March Madness.

The art world has Nancy Thomas Gallery's March Mix-It!

March Mix-It is a fun game to play!

Let's find out the most liked Nancy Thomas piece.

Each day, during the March Mix-It Event, you'll have the chance to vote for your favorite piece of Nancy Thomas art AND enjoy 15% off all competing prints!

For those who have played March Mix-It in the past, this year's March Mix-It will only be on Instagram Stories, so be sure to follow us on Instagram so you can participate.

Here's how it works:

Each day on Instagram's Instastories, there will be 2 competing Nancy Thomas pieces.

Click on our logo to pull up Instastories. 

Once in Instastories, there will be a poll along with two competing items.

To vote, click on the word under your favorite print.

You have 24 hours to vote. You may only vote once per day.

Come back each day to vote for the next piece.

Results posted each day in our Instastories and on our Instagram page. 

Everyone who votes on the polls will be entered in a drawing to win the champion March Mix-It piece!

PLUS! - Earn an extra 5 entries per day, simply by sharing the Instastories of the competing prints to your page.  Be sure to send us a Direct Message just to let us know that you've shared the daily Instastories and we'll confirm we've added your 5 extra entries for that day.  

4 rounds. 16 pieces of art.

Everyone who votes on the polls will be entered in a drawing to WIN the champion March Mix-It piece!

  • No purchase necessary to win.
  • No other discounts apply to March Mix-It specially priced prints.
  • Items purchased with March Mix-It special pricing are considered FINAL SALE.
  • All decisions are at the discretion of Nancy Thomas Gallery, Inc and are final.

    2023 Categories are:

    • Strings vs Brass

    • Morning vs Night

    • Fried vs Baked

    • Looking Up vs Looking Down

    • Traditional vs Laid Back

    • Messy vs Messy

    • Garden Party vs Piano Bar

    • UVA vs Tech

    Can you guess which will win? Good luck!

    Round 1 Results: