KKD - Honeycomb Earrings 1
KKD - Honeycomb Earrings 1

KKD - Honeycomb Earrings 1

This set of earrings is a celebration of our pollinators. Gardening season is here and we need our little bee buddies. The colors shift from honey and amber to lovely creams. Each design comes out differently so it is truly one of a kind. The the first photo in the series is of the back of the piece and you will notice some hand molded resin little bees to keep you company.

These little earrings are designed to look like real agate but are actually feather light because they are resin! Each piece is poured into a custom made mold in layers so every one is unique. Color is added using alcohol ink, acrylic paint, glitter, metallic pigment powder and more. The earrings are translucent and glow warmly in the light. You will receive the earrings photographed.

These earrings are part of the Milk and Honey Line at KKennedyDesigns









Stemming from a passion for mixed media art fueled by a voracious curiosity for innovation in craft, KKennedyDesigns incorporates a range of mediums from fine and alternative metals to polymer clays, recycled salvage, encaustic, found items (shells, sea glass) and repurposed vintage finds. 

Kristine Kennedy, the founder of and lead designer for KKennedyDesigns, has built the company modeled on her own multi-faceted artistic background. Not only is Kristine a jewelry designer, but also a Production Designer, decorative arts craftsperson and fine artist.  Trained as a film maker at NYU and with a Masters Degree in Scenic Design from UNCSA, she honed her craft in design and fabrication.  The organic and evolving style of KKennedyDesigns is in part due to this training and Kristine’s career as a Production Designer and Art Director in film, television and theater production.

This unique experience allowed her to develop jewelry designs that are wrapped in the shroud of story. Storytelling is at the core of all KKennedyDesigns artistic expression. As a result, our products transport the wearer, observer or participant to new worlds, on personal journeys. It is the personal and relevant experience we create that differentiates our work.

Presently, we are focusing on the concept of sustainability. This commitment extends to how we source our materials, as well as the lines we are choosing to develop and the causes we celebrate. Our new line, Milk and Honey, celebrates our pollinators and all they do for us.

We look forward to hearing your story and sharing ours!