KKD - Patinaed Pod Dangle Earrings

KKD - Patinaed Pod Dangle Earrings

These seed pods have been literally transformed into a pair of copper dangle earrings. They started as ephemeral papery casings and are now coated in layers of copper and patina. As they are natural seed pods, they vary in size and appearance which only adds to their charm. The swing freely from brass locking earwires.

Electroforming is a little bit like magic: copper forms and builds around a gemstone, seed pod, or other organic material, taking on organic and earthy shapes.....

And yet it is a very scientific process to achieve the look desired. The copper raw finish is created by using an electroforming bath: an alchemical process which basically grows the metal in a free-form way onto the surface of the object. After the bath is finished (which could take from several hours up to a few days for a single piece to achieve the desired texture) the metal is ready to be sanded and polished (all by hand), in order to benefit as much as possible from the next stage - achieving a dark depth using liver of sulfur. As the last step, I rub a micro crystalline wax polish on the metal.