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In 2017, Nancy began enjoying her well-deserved retirement. Her daughter, Hunter Thomas, has now assumed ownership of Nancy Thomas Gallery and is contributing her own unique flair to the business, via AHTart Experience.

A documentary about Nancy's life and art is currently in production. 

Nancy Thomas is a contemporary American artist. Her work is prized throughout the country for its wonderful color, warmth and style.

Nancy's art appears in the homes of thousands of collectors as well as in magazines and in decorator books, in museums, in Hollywood films, on Broadway and on television. Nancy has given one-woman shows across America and abroad, and has been commissioned for numerous special works by a variety of institutions such as Colonial Williamsburg, the Museum of American Folk Art and the White House.

Nancy is also a passionate collector of beautiful antiques, and her home is filled with treasures she has gathered over the years. These treasures from the past fit comfortably with Nancy's colorful pieces, creating a style that is exciting, yet warm and inviting.

While the subject matter of her paintings and sculptures is extraordinarily wide ranging, Nancy is known for celebrating food in her art. Nancy was commissioned to create the official painting for Julia Child's 90th birthday. In 2012, in honor of Julia's 100th birthday, Nancy created a commemorative limited signed re-issue of the print of the original painting given to Mrs. Childs.


Her joint creation with chef Marcel DeSaulniers, the book Alphabet of Sweets, includes reproductions of 27 original dessert-inspired paintings.


 "The subjects of my paintings often reflect many things which I can't do or I paint them. For example, I'm not a big gardener so I paint flowers. There are so many things I paint from my head...I think about Emily Dickinson and her writings and she hardly ever left home. It is extraordinary where the mind can take you and amazing what people are capable of doing."

-Nancy Thomas 
(excerpt from "Conversations With Remarkable Women" - by Joy Brady and Sandy Lenthall)


Always a supporter of the arts, Nancy is a pioneer and most definitely a trend setter. In addition to her own utterly wonderful art, she also launched the careers of several now successful artists by featuring them in her many different shows.