Special pricing on Nancy Thomas State prints during the month each officially became part of the United States.


Special pricing on: 

Welcome VIRGINIA! - 6/25/1788

Welcome New Hampshire - 6/21/1788

Welcome Kentucky - 6/1/1792

Welcome Tennessee - 6/1/1796

Welcome Arkansas - 6/15/1836

Welcome West Virginia - 6/20/1863

When did your state join?

Nancy Thomas Art - A Fine and Long Tradition

For 50 years, Nancy's inspired art has been bringing  smiles to the faces of collectors worldwide.

Did you know? Each piece is touched by humans, every step of the way. The print frames are hand-cut and painted, and the metal toppers are individually painted, one by one. Every piece of Nancy Thomas wooden sculpture is hand-cut and painted with skill and creativity. Then, every item is hand-assembled with care and attention to detail.

We're proud of this tradition and are happy you want to be a part of it! 
Welcome to the colorful journey that is The Nancy Thomas Gallery!