Gallery Grand - New Mexico
Gallery Grand - New Mexico
Gallery Grand - New Mexico

Gallery Grand - New Mexico

Introducing our dynamic new format, the Nancy Thomas GALLERY CANVAS! 

Nancy's time honored art presented on water-resistant, fade-resistant canvas, printed with eco-solvent, archival ink then hand-stretched over a 2" deep wooden frame. Finished on the back with an artist bio and ready to hang.

New Mexico

State Bird: Roadrunner

State Flower: Yucca

State Tree: Piñon

State Features: The State Flag of New Mexico, a clay pot signifying the arts, the Sandia Hairstreak (State Butterfly), a desert town, mountains in the distance, Mountain Adobes, and a Mission Church are represented.

Available in 2 sizes. 10"x10"x2" or 15"x15"x2"

The 10x10 size looks great on tabletops, bookcases and countertops too!  

 Nancy Thomas Gallery products are proudly handcrafted and assembled in the USA.

CARE NOTES for your beautiful Nancy Thomas art.
  • Extended exposure to direct sunlight not advised. 
  • Extended exposure to high humidity not advised.
  • Feather duster or dry cloth to dust 
  • Lightly wipe with slightly damp, soft cloth to remove grime or buildup
  • Water only. Do not clean with chemicals.