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Danforth Pewter Oil Lamp - Coastal
Danforth Pewter Oil Lamp - Coastal
Danforth Pewter Oil Lamp - Coastal
Danforth Pewter Oil Lamp - Coastal

Danforth Pewter Oil Lamp - Coastal

Inspired by the Downeast coast of New England, this pewter Coastal Oil Lamp depicts a panoramic scene of coastal living. Detailed images of a lighthouse on a rocky shore, a sailboat, a lobster boat, and the sun over the bay reflect the rhythm and charm of life on the coast.

The Coastal Oil Lamp is a smaller-sized lamp with a beautifully contoured pewter base that is handspun on a century-old lathe, then fitted with a burner and custom glass chimney, all by human hands. Oil lamps add the perfect ambiance to any room, indoors or outdoors. Great as a centerpiece for the dining room table or on the living room mantle.

Danforth oil lamps are as functional as they are beautiful,  providing intimate ambient light. The smaller oil lamps are excellent for accent lighting.

Oil lamps create a cozy, unique atmosphere in any room. 

They are fit for many occasions:

  • housewarming gifts
  • backyard summer barbecues
  • spring and autumn nights on the deck
  • use them if the power goes out to light up the darkness  
  • use them nightly as the sun goes down to create a beautiful evening ritual
  • a wedding gift that "lights the way" for newlyweds as they begin their lives together
  • meaningful anniversary gift that honors many years of love and intimacy
  • holiday decor, perfect for sitting around the Christmas tree
  • create an intimate New Year's Eve at home


​Each oil lamp is spun individually, by hand by talented pewter spinners. For this reason, all dimensions are approximate. Subtle variations are natural.

  • The Coastal Oil Lamp holds 8 oz. of oil. Oil burns at approximately 3 hours per ounce (based on our smokeless liquid paraffin oil)
  • Stands 8" high, including the glass chimney. The pewter base measures 4.3/4" in diameter.